10 Best Exercise to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Be stylish & look beautiful everyday doesn’t made you strong, Even eating hygiene food and maintain a proper diet is not sufficient to stay fit and healthy in today’s lifestyle. Daily workout is best way to remain fit & fine. Exercise is one of the best way to gain energy and feel better for a long life. There are so many day to day exercise which can be done at home or around such as dance, walking, play a sport,use the stairs or learn the various breath control, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Here are 10 best exercise to stay fit and healthy :

10.  Walking


Walking is simple but powerful. It can help you to stay trim, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones,and keep your blood pressure in check, lift your mood and lower your risk for a number of diseases ( such as diabetes and heart disease ). A research says that walking an other physical activities can improve the memory.  Start walking for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Within 10-20 days you will walk for around 30-40 minutes.

Walking is the easy and low-impact exercise that can bring you into a high level of health and fitness.

9. Dance


If running on the treadmill or workout at gym in not your idea then move to dancing at home for getting fit. Dance is one of the best way for fun and fitness, Its a full-body workout which help you to look younger and energetic. There are different types of dance which you can used as a form of fitness like belly dance, bhangra, Pole dance, swing and classical Indian dance.

8. Swimming


Swimming is the perfect workout. The buoyancy of the water supports your body and takes the strain off painful joints and you can move them more fluently. According to the research swimming can improve your mental state and put you in a good mood.

It allows you to push yourself for cardiac, respiratory, and muscular endurance. Swimming in the rain has its own charm.

7.  Cycling


Cycling is one of the best exercises for weight loss, increase your stamina and also for athletic abilities. Cycling is best for people to achieve good health and fitness and is kinder to the environment. It can make you feel happy and look better and you can spend a pleasant time outside with nature.

6. Skipping


Skipping or Jump Rope is easy, portable, and effective way to exercise. It burns the calories faster as compared to other cardiovascular equipment so it is the best forms of exercise for improving cardiovascular fitness. Skipping also increase your stamina, athletic abilities and help to lose extra unwanted pounds in a timely and effective manner and get you in shape.

5. Skating


Skating is best workout and you burn as much as calories as any other aerobic exercise. Being a low impact activity, skating is also easy on the joints. It must under supervision will ensure safety  and correct form.

4. Squats


Squats increase your lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility in your lower back and hips. Because it engage mostly largest muscles in the body, they also pack a major punch while calories burned. Squats is exercises that consist of an up and down motion of the body that resembles the motion of getting out of a chair.

 It pushes the brain to always actively participate. To get the foot placement Correct: to crisp on even weight distribution between the left & right leg; to maintain the chest high and back straight; to engage & pause at the change of direction in order to prevent encouragement from building; & full elongation of the hips when standing.

3.  Push-ups


It is the classic exercise to strengthen the upper body (chest, shoulders) and  core (abdominal muscles). If you never do push ups then first to do push-ups by spreading their fully extended arms.  A bit more than shoulder apart with their hands against an unmovable object like the edge  of a table.

And bend your elbows until your chest almost touches the edge of the countertop allowing your toes to bend and keeping your back and legs in a straight line. And then push your body away from the countertop until your arms are again fully extended. As you progress, you should use lower stationary objects and eventually do the push-up with your hands  on the floor.

2.  Lunges


Lunges work for large muscle groups as the squats, and it can also improve your  balance. It is done by taking a large enough step forward that the knee forms about a 90-degree angle. You  keep your spine in a impartial position. When the leg that goes over the hurdle second, at the same time,you should have its knee come close to the floor and have the toes accept significant body weight.

And then return to a standing posture and repeat with the leg. After you be pro the lunge, you can change the exercise by placing the advanced leg to the right position or left to mimic more variable movement, same like as angles you might encounter during a nature hike.

1. Yoga


Yoga is famous in all over the world for different techniques of yoga fitness. Yoga asanas, pose and exercises improve flexibility of body and mind and can be practiced by any people young and old alike. Few basic yoga postures are Bal Asana, Sukh Asana, Kapalabhati and the best morning Yoga stretching poses – Surya Namaskar. Daily practice of Yoga Asana’s leads to better life and also improve your health and fitness.

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