10 Fun Hobbies That Make Money in 2021

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If you want multiple income streams, then you might consider these hobbies that make money. Profitable hobbies are a great way to mix business & pleasure. Many men & women pursue projects that cost them money, time, and work. Luckily, there are many money-making hobbies that you can start from home that will pay you as well as improve your mental health, reduce stress or build more valuable skills. If you’re looking for a new passion project, this list of hobbies can motivate you with small business ideas. You can also read Top 10 Remote Jobs in India with Good Earnings.

10 Fun Hobbies That Make Money in 2021

If you’re ready to potentially change your life and earn more money, then check out the best hobbies to make money from. From cheap and easy pursuits to fun stuff you can do at home, you’ll find a number of cool and creative ways to make more on the side from a new hobby you’re probably going to take up anyway. Here’s a list of 10 Fun Hobbies that you can potentially make money from, whether it’s through freelancing, becoming an affiliate, building an audience, or starting a business.

1. Photography


If you have your own camera & know how to use it then you’ll definitely make money from this side. Taking photos is more than art , it can be a great home business idea. Sign up to stock image sites such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, etc. and receive royalties every time your images are downloaded. The most talented photographers with the best pictures can earn thousands of dollars putting up their pictures for other people to buy.

Another way to monetize your photography skills is to publish your work on Instagram. If your pictures hit the right chord then you will be attract many followers. This will turn you into a big brands who may want to collaborate with you to promote their products.

2. Blogging


I can’t name a better source of passive income. If you’re really passionate about a particular subject ranging from food, travel, fitness, fashion, gardening,  philosophy, etc. then you must start a blog of your own. Now is the time where you can even start microblogging through Instagram. You can make money as a blogger from Google Adsense or as an affiliate marketer for Amazon, etc. 

Blogging is an easy way to make money, but you will need to be patient as you won’t make much in the first 6 to 12 months of starting the blog. Fortunately, building a blog is cheap & easy with a step-by-step guide, there are proven ways to get traffic or number of opportunities to make money. If you’ve always wanted to become a successful blogger or earn passive income online then there has never been a better time than now.

3. Gaming


The third activity on our hobbies list is also one of the most disruptive ones. The thing about gaming is it consumes lots of time or energy and most people would never think it could turn into a side hustle that could make you money. However, with the recent popularity in video games thanks to the pandemic, you could be getting paid to play video games. There are also many different ways which you can make extra cash with this hobby, even while doing it part time. The best part about this platform such as Twitch is that brands are slowly moving towards it for running influencer marketing campaigns.

4. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

If you love to workout then fitness trainer is the best option for you. Men and women can sign up to get their personal trainer certification. From becoming a personal trainer to a CrossFit coach at a local gym, there are many ways to make money with this hobby while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

5. Music


If you think that making money from music is for the likes of Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber, think again! Getting into the music industry can be way easier than it seems. With the rise of You Tubers, many people are searching for good background music for their videos. This means they are looking for royalty-free music. If you really enjoy creating music then you can record your songs and list them on sites such as AirbitBeatStars or SoundCloud. People can purchase your music, and every time they do, you’ll make money! If you play an instrument then you can teach others. You can either offer private classes, or you can teach online through platforms or create an online class.

6. Comedy


If you have a natural flair for comedy then comedy is one of the best hobbies that make money. This doesn’t mean you have to perform on-stage or make your audience laugh. You can upload funny sketches on YouTube. You can also come up with your own website in this niche and share memes, funny videos, and other viral content through it. There are many peoples or youtubers who make their carrier in this platform.

7. Cooking


Food has become an art form worthy of taking elaborate pictures & the time to perfect as a craft. It’s a hobby which you can share your talent with the world in a different ways, from starting a blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account dedicated to recipes, to diving head-first into a business by creating your own food or cooking products. Some even hit the road with a food truck business. You can also make blog on such recipes like 7 Delicious Banana Recipes You Must Try At Home.

8. Freelance Content Writer

Freelancer Content Writer

The content writing jobs are basically all about writing for a specific company. Many individuals have good writing skills & have good qualifications. Content writers are expert writers who create appealing content which used in online activities. They’re Internet-savvy people who design articles, captions, blogs, website content & other kinds of written Web stuff. This job can easily be done by sitting at home which utilize our time also. You just have to research & set your own hours of working. Freelance work is a best idea to expose your creativity.  This is very beneficial for women who are sitting at home & qualified.

9. Arts and Crafts

art and craft

Many of us are spending more time at home, which makes this the perfect time to roll up your sleeves & get crafty. If you like art, making crafts or a high-end DIY hobby  then you can make your money. Creative types will love these profitable arts or crafts business ideas. You can expand your reach further by creating your own store on eCommerce websites.

10. Tailoring


Honestly, everybody can’t actually change into a Coco Chanel, the legendary French designer and founding father of the eponymous model of high fashion. However, with some excellent tailoring expertise, you’ll find money making hobbies from residence. If tailoring is your passion, strive creating clothes that meet newest tendencies and older kinds that are now in demand.

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