10 Ideal New Year resolutions which make 2021 a good year for you

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10 Ideal New Year resolutions which make 2021 a good year for you

Calendars are about to change, and it’s time for new journey. 2020 has been a year full of weird mishaps & disasters. We never imagined a phase like this pandemic brought to us. We want the  2021 to be a better year for us. With a new year, come resolutions. New year resolutions are the pledge or promise taken by people for the upcoming year. We make resolutions to be a better person sometimes for ourselves or sometimes for others.

It’s New Year & you can make a difference in 2020. Oh yes! You can do it with many positive New Year resolutions. If you’re struggling to find it out what kind of resolutions is good for you so don’t worry here are some New Year resolution ideas which can make 2021 better for you.

1. I won’t miss a moment of joy

I won’t miss a moment of joy

Lockdown in the pandemic taught us that we should never miss even a little moment of joy & happiness and always appreciate what we have with us. We used to neglect the saying  Live like it’s your last day.  But in this COVID time made us miss the normal things we usually took for granted. Let’s resolve that we won’t let a moment go spare & appreciate every bit of time we have. We’ll make the best use of the moments we have with us & our loved one. And give some time to our loved ones!

2. Try not to waste the water

Try not to waste the water

We all know that water is very essential for us. Without water we can’t survive our life. But this isn’t necessary all the time to bring up rallies or campaigns to save water. Start it from yourself. Turn off the tap while brushing. Instead of showers use a pail or mug. This sounds like the nursery lessons, but teaching this in our habit will satisfy that we are doing something for our environment. Many times we feel that ‘This won’t affect much! ‘ But, the day you start appreciating your little efforts like – Yes! I saved 2 glasses of water today. You’ll feel contented & believe me You’ll begin bringing a change.

3. Make a plan for  bright future

Make a plan for  bright future

No time is too late or early to build upon career plans. Career trends might change but passion towards a field of work is usually built inside since early days of life. So build on your career plans right now. It could change with time but different plan is better than no plan. If you have no plans for future then what are you waiting for ? Let’s start a plan for your bright future.

4. Stop littering here and there

Stop littering here and there

There are several cleanliness awareness programs like ‘Clean India Campaign’, we Indians have this terrible habit of littering here and there. We know it isn’t  good. We like cleanliness, but it’s this habit that we throw wrappers out of a moving bus or car, garbage on streets, etc. We all want a clean nation, but we don’t even try to work for it. We need to bring a change in this habit. This new year, try avoiding litter here & there. Every time you don’t find a dustbin for your garbage, keep it with you  & dump it when you get one. Being a responsible human being we must to save our mother Earth. This is a lesson we are getting from childhood but rarely do we follow it. Let’s begin it this year. It’s a way towards a clean & hygienic surrounding &a self-satisfied soul.

5. Set daily personal goals

Many New Year’s resolutions involve daily goals of exercise & meditation in an effort to improve overall well-being & mental health. While these are always beneficial areas of focus, try setting more specific goals relating to the people & habits in your own life. For example, if you are working on a project with a very difficult classmate, make a personal resolution to change your own behavior first. Once you understand the source of stress in the situation maybe this person is too controlling, too lazy, or too loud then you can begin to resolve your own behavior.

6. Never hurt anyone in any way

never hurt anyone

This is an essential thing we all need to learn. We knowingly or unknowingly hurt many people. This year you can resolute to try never hurt anyone in any way. Be it physical or emotional. Hurting someone is wrong. We do it due to some circumstances but let’s avoid it this year. The happiness of others should also be a matter of concern for us. So avoid doing such things that may hurt someone’s emotion. Whenever you do or say something, think twice times if it is right or not. We hurt by words & that’s the most painful thing at times. So, let’s  take a resolution to avoid creating such a situation where someone could feel bad because of us.

7. Give to charity

Give to charity

We don’t live in a world where everyone has everything. We should always help others who are in need. Donating money or things to charity will not only give you a sense of pleasure but make you feel happy. It also, motivate others to do their part to build a better society.

8. Try learning new hobbies

Try learning new hobbies

Trying a new hobby isn’t always an easy thing. But, if you try one, a new hobby can help you to stay present focusing on the moment. New hobbies do help to take new challenges, clear your visions about your goals & allowing you to explore yourself & your talents. You like painting, you used to paint quite well, but now  you have a lot of work, you don’t remember the last time you held a paintbrush. That’s the exploitation of what your heart loves to do. Don’t you agree?

It’s a complete excuse when people say, ‘ I don’t have time for this. ‘ According to the great scientist & a great soul Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, ” If you love something, you find a lot of time “. So this 2021, bring out some time for the things you love to do.

9. Whenever possible, Travel

Whenever possible, Travel

Exploring new places help you to gain a lot of treasure moments in your life. To do this, you just need to plan your work schedule accordingly, mange your weekend plans & be ready with your backpack. When you start travelling, you’ll realise how it can give a good understanding of different cultures, increase eagerness for listening to new stories, reduce workplace stress and enhance your creative abilities.

You can go for adventure or mysteries places it’s sounds like wow! You can also see Mysterious Places To Visit Across The India. So, take out some time from your day-to-day responsibilities & travel as much as possible because we al don’t know what future decide for us! So let’s enjoy today!

10. I’ll Love Myself more..

I’ll Love Myself more

Loving ourselves is very important today. It’s the world where expectations from others may hurt. It is  better to be happy with ourselves than looking for happiness somewhere else. This is a key for strength.

Now there are many question arises – how? How to love yourself ?     Don’t worry it is very easy there is no rocket science is hidden here. In a quick synopsis manner, I will mention few points:

  1. Take care of yourself.
  2. Do things that make you happy.
  3. Take yourself for a treat whenever you’re extremely happy or too sad.
  4. Reward yourself after accomplishing a task.

There are many more ways. Discover them yourself & love yourself a little more. I wish this 2021 fulfill your all dreams. Have a great year ahead!

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