10 Makeup and Beauty Tips during the Lockdown

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The entire world is suffering from the health, and economic crisis which led the world to suffer from the pandemic caused by the Chinese virus originated in the Wuhan province of China and thus named after its origin as the Wuhan Virus and popularly referred to as the Novel Coronavirus or the COVID19.

Most of the Western, Asian and the Islamic countries have imposed the lockdown and requesting people to stay indoors to fight against the Coronavirus since this is the only solution to break the chain and minimise the spread rate. COVID-19 lockdown has forced us to all stay at home, and there is no other solution to it. Nevertheless, while we sit at home every-day, there is an upside to it, now that we have all the time in the world to devote to self-care.


We can spend our time doing all sorts of activities ranging from taking care of our health, diet, and skin and make good and healthier choices. As we deal with the situation, it is an excellent time to take care of your skin.

The 10 Makeup and beauty tips during the lockdown are :

1. Eat healthily :


We all know that with the busy routine and work-life, no one gets time to give their skin the diet that it requires and because of the pollution it gets worse. The first step to maintain healthy skin is to eat healthy food. With the lockdown comes work from home, which means that we are given a gift of the lifetime. We have the opportunity to prepare ourselves a healthy meal like salad, fruits, light meals and keep our bodies and skin in shape.

As office hours force us to eat junk food because of the paucity of time and work pressure but with work from home, you can release the stress by using detox water or healthy smoothies and they also help lift the mood.

2. Steam Your Face :


If you have a steamer at home, great. If not, don’t get panic . With precaution, steam your face with the help of boiling water and a towel. This will open your pores, loosen any grime and bring out residue which has been sitting snug at the surface.

3. Wash your face and moisturize :


Washing your face is a vital part of the daily routine and using a good face wash to remove the dirt is very essential. We might think that with a homestay, we might go a day or so without our morning routine. We should keep in mind that the harmful pollution is still out there and your skin needs the air to breathe so with the use of a good face wash, and a scrub occasionally would free your pores and give your skin some space to breathe.

Put on some moisturizer as in some places it is the end of the season and we all know that during the transition from one season to another the skin gets through a lot as the weather keeps changing and the skin gets exposed to a lot of harmful bacteria and substances in such tough times, we have a task to keep it fully moisturized and protect from all the damage.

4. Maintain a healthy routine :


A crucial part of the method to keep the skin healthy is to maintain a healthy habit, not that it is not good to maintain a healthy habit all the time but now with the lockdown and outbreak of the virus, we have the opportunity to bring our life back on track. We can spend some of our time doing healthy activities such as yoga and try to push the harmful toxins out of our bodies.

With all the time to ourselves, we can spend it on changing some of our choices and introspect. Yoga and meditation help us think clearly and do our work more efficiently, which ultimately leads to happier times.

5. Drink lots of water :


Water, lots and lots of water, it is the key to a healthy body and skin. Sitting at home eating all the food and not getting enough time for workout or walk can do great harm to your body and the symptoms manifest in the form of pimples or acne on the skin.

Many specialists say that water is the most critical component for the body, and it keeps skin healthy. The natural glow of the skin is lost because of the pollution, makeup and other factors but drinking water regularly helps the skin maintain its radiating glow. It is also a proven fact that water helps cure acne.

6. Let Your Lashes And Nails Grow :


To those who have been addicted to eyelash extensions, brow treatments and acrylic gel manicures, now’s the time to go cold turkey. Allow extensions to run their course and your natural hair and nails to show through. If you quit your addiction now, it will lead to a healthier beauty routine that will save a lot of dough in the long run.

7. Put sheet masks to shoo away the dirt :


In the summer season, there is always loads of dust in the air and skin gets rough because of all the dust. It is advised to put on sheet masks or typical masks to protect the skin from getting damaged. You can put on these masks once every 15 days or every week as you deem fit.

These sheet masks have essential oils and protective gels to reverse the damage done by the pollution, and they can help restore your skin to its natural glory.

8. Dry Brush Your Body :


You don’t pay enough attention to your body and that’s a fact. Dry brushing your arms and legs doesn’t require much preparation and can lend a number of benefits like enhanced circulation, decreased appearance of cellulite and stimulated lymphatic system.

9. Try A DIY Treatment :


Being resourceful in your beauty routine in one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Now is the perfect time to try a variety of inexpensive DIY treatments which usually require items you have around the house. Manicures, hair removal, face masks and pedicures are a few of them.

10. Remove makeup before sleeping and use sunscreen :


Protecting the skin is very important and do not think that just because you are in home, you do not require to protect your skin at home too. Because you are in home, your skin is protected from the pollution and harmful sun rays and UV rays, but it does not mean that at home, the skin is not prone to infection and damage. You can harm your skin while you are sitting in the balcony or enjoying the evening at the terrace.

Removing the makeup is an essential step, and you can not skip it. Before going to bed, after a long tiring day at home, you just need to do one small thing, pick up a bottle of micellar and take a cotton pad. While you pour a few drops of micellar on the bud, just dab it on your skin gently,
and it does the trick.

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