10 Powerful Ways To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

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10 Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads 2

More traffic to a website it doesn’t mean more revenue, unless the revenue model is purely based on display advertising. There are many studies which suggest that only 27 percent of the internet visitors actually end up looking at a display ad.

One of the best way to attract more traffic to a website is via content marketing. Content marketing is best done through blogging, social media or email marketing. In this blog we will not be covering how to attract traffic but rather we will talk about how to convert traffic into leads.

1. Landing Pages

  • Landing pages is one of the most effective way to convert leads and they are specially designed for collecting information. As a result, you will get 50-60% of conversion ratio for an effective landing page combined with targeted traffic.
  • The purpose of content pages on websites is to provide information or increase the chance of more people coming to these landing pages through search engines, referral and direct traffic.
  • YouTube content marketing is also an effective method of bringing traffic to such landing pages.
  • Different landing pages are attractive to different people or groups and hence one should never rely on only one landing page. And it’s often a good idea to send traffic to the landing page via a blog and then measure which landing page performs better. So, maintaining the different landing pages will bring you more people instead of maintaining single landing page.

2. Notification Bars

Notification Bars
  • Notification bar is a good attention grabber or always situated at the top of the websites.
  • The browser usually displays the warning messages like a missing plug-in or a blocked popup in the notification bar and it makes the users to pay attention.
  • It can also be an email form or can be a link from the notification bar to one of the landing pages.
  • They offer you split testing options, where you can track the performance of different words and call-to-action links.
  • They also provide different insights based on how many clicks you received.

3. Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google
  • You can run your ads on Google network, where you get additional traffic if your ads trigger on prime three positions of search engine result page.
  • In display network, in video ads, you’ll be able to trigger your ads on YouTube before publishing the video content or after publishing the video Content.
  • You trigger pictures ads at the minimum price via remarketing that you get relevant leads.

4. Unblockable Popup Forms

Unblock able Popup Forms
  • Unblockable popup form is also another effective tool to convert web traffic into leads and which we have seen in many websites or blogs.
  • With these, you will get 2% to 10% of daily blog conversion into leads based on the effectiveness of your offer.
  • This option also offers you split testing and tracking features.

5. Headers Forms

  • Header form helps you to place an opt-in box in the header area.
  • You can also develop a custom theme & split test by using an option called generate in studio press.
  • The opt-in box in the header form can be a good option based on the design and the positioning.

6. Contact Forms

Contact Forms
  • The Contact forms should be implemented in particular landing page with minimum feeds, where the user need to fill their information and you can get leads from there.
  • Contact form should be static.
  • You can install the contact form from WordPress.
  • Contact form seven is the most excellent WordPress Plugin.
  • You will get more leads if you have a great contact form.

7. Welcome Redirect

Welcome Redirect
  • Welcome redirects converts first time visitor into leads and this option helps you to redirect new visitors of your blog to a landing page where they are asked to opt-in in return for something valuable.
  • It is considered to be a good option for capturing lot of leads in a short time.
  • Welcome redirect system can be used to get a boost in leads and then it can be turned off for a short period of time, when not required.

8. Opt-In forms on Homepage

  • Opt-In form on the homepage is always great & cooperative.
  • It supports people to improve the change rate.
  • Make your opt-in form striking with an exclusive offer.
  • For making attractive opt-in forms you can use WordPress plugins like Optin Skin where you can create many beautiful forms.
  • This plugin has click tracking and split testing built it so it becomes very easy for you to optimize the opt-in form.

9. Let your videos speak to the audience

Let your videos speak to the audience
  • Now-a-days visual communiqué is so important.
  • Video is the most important visual tool you can use to keep clients on your website.
  • With the approval of web videos, a new breed of opt-in forms have become popular with digital marketers.
  • The following screenshot shows a video with an opt-in form which pops up during the video and lets the internet user is continue watching the video after an opt-in.
  • You can also make it mandatory to opt-in by disabling the skip this step option.

10. About us page

About us page
  • By including an about us page on your website, you are encouraging the user to trust your services.
  • If you have an about us page, with some great back story about yourself, sharing the motive of starting your business with a great mission statement, not only it will bring interest into the visitors but it will also inspire them.
  • You can easily include a sign up page on your About Us page.
  • When people become more engaged in your story, you will have a chance to get the leads.

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