11 Amazing Indian Hacks for Healthy Life

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11 Amazing Indian Hacks for Healthy Life 2

1. Eat salad in a healthy way

Eat salad in a healthy way

Eat the salad properly so that it provides you with maximum benefits. Salt should not be sprinkled on raw vegetables & fruits as they contain natural sugars salt reduces its fat loss properties & hacks this to replace salt with lemon & squeeze it over the salad.

2. Benefits of ginger

Benefits of ginger

Ginger has many benefits, but it strengthens the digestive system & promotes hunger. It is one of amazing health life hacks. Ginger cannot always be readily available to make a simple ginger pickle by squeezing a lemon over the ginger & sprinkle some salt on it. You can preserve it by storing in a waterproof container.

3. Cleaning utensils

Cleaning utensils

It’s often tough to clean copper  & brass utensils as they develop green rust over time. There are many  hacks to make the  things easy. One of this is to use ‘’Pitambari powder’’ to clean copper, brass or even aluminium utensils. It clean your all utensils very easily.

4. Wake up early

Wake up early

The most important part of being healthy is waking up early in the morning to try waking up for a few days after some day your biological clock is set the way that you can get up early without any alarms.

5. Reduce sourness of amla

Reduce sourness of amla

Amla is very good immunity booster  but we find it difficult to consume it raw as ,it is so sour.  We can reduce the sourness of amla by simply soaking it in warm water for just 4-5 minutes consuming it with a meal. This makes the amla less sour & soft to eat. It is a simple hack to make the things easy.

6. Eating curd a healthy way

Eating curd a healthy way

Curd is very oily & cold, which can cause cold & sinus problem if consumed after sunset or at night. A  very simple & healthy hack is to add a pinch of pepper powder to balance the curd’s cooling nature & make it healthy.

7. Relief from painful cramps

Relief from painful cramps

Women experience many stomach pain & cramps during their menstrual cycle. It is one of an amazing life hacks to cure this problem is to drink a spoon of pure cow ghee in hot water for 4-5 days can work wonders for you try it out !

8. How to choose jaggery

How to choose jaggery

Jaggery is preferred over refined sugar due to it’s  good digestive properties. It is hard to decide which jaggery to take as good quality jaggery is rarely found so, the darker the jaggery is, the purer it as this will help you to find good quality jaggery for you.

9.  Fitness doesn’t mean going into a gym and lifting weights

Fitness doesn’t mean going into a gym and lifting weights

“Clean your house; it’s a great full body exercise,” says Sohrab.  Squat is a basic, functional body movement exercise that everyone can able to do. Push-ups are something you don’t need weights for & it really helps build your upper body strength. Then there is skipping. You can also see Best Exercise to Stay Fit and Healthy. It is such a very  simple exercise we learnt as kids in school. “Fitness is something as simple as playing a sport you love,” he says.

10. Calm your mind

Calm your mind

We feel tired & angry working all day long. Homemade sweets out of healthier sugar alternatives like coconut sugar date sugar, stevia leaves, jaggery & honey. Consuming these sweet can help a lot to calm your mind & make you feel better. Meditation is best way to relax your mind.

11. Get a better sleep

Get a better sleep

We all are familiar with the benefits of copper charged water but it can also help you sleep better. Copper utensils filled with water makes certain vibrations on a wooden surface that can help you sleep better.

These are some simple life hacks hope they help you out !

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