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Highest Paid Bollywood Actors In 2020

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Bollywood is the second-largest film industry in the world after the Hollywood, Bollywood actors fees are measured in millions. These actors are extremely very popular in India and the Asian continent for their work and hence, their salaries and net worth tend to be high.There are many talented actors

Top 10 Richest Crickters In the World

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The world’s second most famous game is cricket and almost billions of people watch the cricket game in different ways whether it is on TV or online. After football, players can make a lot of money in cricket and many of the richest cricketers in the world are rich

Best Cheapest Markets In Delhi

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The capital of India is Delhi is one place where you can never get enough of shopping. From high-end brands to street-side retails, you get a plethora of options to choose from. The real charm of shopping is actually in the local markets. It is difficult to keep your

Today Unlock 1.0 begins, states issue fresh guidelines

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India entered its 5th phase of lockdown on June 1, 2020 which is completely different from the previous lockdown. It comes with several relaxations and being referred as Unlock 1. Several state governments on Sunday (31 june 2020) came up with ‘Unlock 1’ guidelines including allowing inter-state travel while

Top 10 YouTuber’s In India Of 2020

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Social Media is the platform that everyone is hooked to. People usually spend their leisure time in playing cards, games, chit-chatting, and other human interactions. Now, it is social media that is ruling the world. There are so many applications that people love to use, YouTube is one of

Top 10 TV serials of Indian Television of 2020

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Today everyone needs entertainment in order to freshen up the mind. In 2020, various platforms are available for entertainment like Television, Internet (Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more) and radio FM. Everyone from a different group of ages varying from old one to children is entertained from

Top 10 Digital Marketers In India

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In today’s Era Digital marketing or Online marketing is the fastest growing industry. It is a basic requirement of a business to attract lead and to form a brand presence. India is the 2nd largest online internet market in the world. The demands for Digital Marketing is increasing day

10 Best Exercise to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Be stylish & look beautiful everyday doesn’t made you strong, Even eating hygiene food and maintain a proper diet is not sufficient to stay fit and healthy in today’s lifestyle. Daily workout is best way to remain fit & fine. Exercise is one of the best way to gain energy

10 Best Dishes To Make During Quarantine

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This is an uncertain and scary time for all. During such an unprecedented period, it is important to engage yourself in tasks that feel wholesome. One such activity is cooking. During this quarantine, if you looking for simple recipes to cook, we have a best dishes for you. Here

Amir Siddiqui’s 3.8 Million Strong TikTok Users Account Suspended : He Says that I follow the community guidelines and do not intend to hurt anyone

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Amir Siddiqui’s brother Faizal Siddiqui created a stir on social media after a clip featuring him went viral in no time. Faizal was accused of promoting acid attack crime against women and was bashed by his fans and netizens left, right and centre. Even the National Commission Of Women