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Top 10 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Odisha

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About Odisha: Odisha is one of the most popular state in India for its rich heritage, culture & ancient religious contributions. Odisha has more than 1000 temples which include 700 ancient Hindu temples, and the reason it has been named as the state of the temples. The United Nations

7 Ways to Get Cheap Airline Tickets for Your Next Flight

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When someone asked about the most comfortable way of travelling, most of the travelers will say ‘airways’. Taking a flight is the best & fastest way of reaching a destination but not always pocket-friendly. We mostly spend more than half of our travel budget on booking flight tickets but

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches In The World

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What makes a great beach all depends on the travelers. Some people like wide, open stretches of sand with ample things to do, while others prefer deserted shorelines with calm waters. U.S. news took this and factors, such as unique scenery, beach quality and overall accessibility, into consideration to

Top 10 Best Destination Wedding Places in India

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Getting married is, without no doubt, one of the most beautiful days in everyone’s life… it’s the time when you & your partner start the new beginning of life together. A destination wedding is a well planned wedding usually in a high-end resort generally in a foreign country or

Top 10 Mysterious Places To Visit Across The India

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India is a beautiful country & there are many beautiful places with their own mysteries. Few are solved & many are unsolved. Some of these include places where mysteries happen, or  mystery keeps going on, becomes a dangerous but a tourist attracting places. Many people tried to solve these

Top 10 Tourist Places To Visit In Jaipur

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About Jaipur : Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan , popularly known as the Pink City is the land of palaces, lakes, maharajas, alluring architecture. The Rajput culture and their glorious past is reflected in the lifestyle and the infrastructure of the tourist places in Jaipur. Rajasthan is known for

Top 10 Tourist Places To Visit In Goa

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ABOUT GOA : As we all known that Goa is famous for “beaches”.There are 31 different beaches and endless water and land activities, Goa is for those who love to enjoy gushing experience. Goa is not just about beach and nightlife. Apart from the beaches there are many different