7 Natural Easy Ways To Make Your Lips Pink

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Your smile is the most prettiest thing you can wear. Your smile is not all about your shiny white teeth, it’s also about your lips! We all wish to have soft, pink lips but somehow it seems like a distant dream. Lips are the most delicate parts of our

10 Powerful Ways To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

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More traffic to a website it doesn’t mean more revenue, unless the revenue model is purely based on display advertising. There are many studies which suggest that only 27 percent of the internet visitors actually end up looking at a display ad. One of the best way to attract

10 Easy Tips To Deal With Exam Pressure

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Exam stress affects the most students in various ways. It is important to manage this stress & find little ways of helping to reduce the risk of burnout.  Sometimes, dealing with stress (especially during exam season) is a very difficult thing to do. With an estimated 20-50% annual increase

Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs – 7 Common Myths that Need to Go!

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Many middle-class families live in a dilemma whether their children go to private-sector jobs or government jobs? Private-sector job has been common nowadays, while earlier finding a government job was a big reward for job seekers. According to the people, government jobs get more facilities than private jobs. But

Top 10 Marketing Tips & Tricks To Get More Customers

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A marketing is a critical component for the company’s long-term success & it’s always changing. Effective marketers well know how to use the techniques to connect & convert prospects but the greatest marketers of all time laid the foundation for the strategies & successes of marketers today. If you’re

Top 10 Best Destination Wedding Places in India

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Getting married is, without no doubt, one of the most beautiful days in everyone’s life… it’s the time when you & your partner start the new beginning of life together. A destination wedding is a well planned wedding usually in a high-end resort generally in a foreign country or

11 Amazing Indian Hacks for Healthy Life

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1. Eat salad in a healthy way Eat the salad properly so that it provides you with maximum benefits. Salt should not be sprinkled on raw vegetables & fruits as they contain natural sugars salt reduces its fat loss properties & hacks this to replace salt with lemon &

10 Ideal New Year resolutions which make 2021 a good year for you

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Calendars are about to change, and it’s time for new journey. 2020 has been a year full of weird mishaps & disasters. We never imagined a phase like this pandemic brought to us. We want the  2021 to be a better year for us. With a new year, come

7 Tips to become Instagram Influencer

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Whenever you buy a new smartphone, t-shirt or product, did you buy it after you saw it on Amazon or flipcart? Or did you buy it after it received good reviews from influencers? Research by Olapic found that 49 % of consumers were more likely to purchase. Similarly, Influence Central found that customers

Top 10 Remote Jobs in India with Good Earnings

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Unemployment is such a major problem in India, a lot of educated young people are turning to online jobs to earn a living. In this article, We discuss about the top 10 work from home jobs in India where you can earn money which based on your experience and skill