PUBG addiction: What are its effects on students and the people?

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds formly known as “PUBG”, is the most watched game on Internet. Today our young generation is playing this video game each and every day. Celebrities, college and school students all are playing it.

In this modern era, playing online games is something everybody enjoys. Some play it to get relaxed, and some play it for just passing the time, and some are really getting addicted to it. The one of the most addictive game students and people are getting addicted to is player unknown battleground, also known as PUBG.


PUBG has an overall of 100 million downloads on android play store and gained immediate attention from people all over the world. And now, PUBG addiction is more concerned than drug addiction. PUBG is really taking lives. A youth dies after consuming chemical liquid instead of water beacause he was really busy in playing PUBG.

“PUBG addiction is worse than drug addiction“, says Kashmir student association.

What was the effects of PUBG on students and the people?

1. Mental Health Issues :


Playing PUBG for long hours can cause the chances of having severe obesity. And that will definitely lead a person to suffer from many health issues. It will also weaken the muscles and joints in a person due to inactivity for some long hours and being in the same place with the same posture for a long time. This will definitely lead to incorrect posture affects permanently, and eyesight will severely get affected due to staring at the screen for long hours and playing it for a long time.

Getting addicted to it and having an eagerness to play this game every time will give a severe headache, and researches have proven that it can trigger giving aggressive thoughts, will also affect emotions, and this can provide a long term effect on the brain.

2. Effects on sleep :


Addiction to this game can lead to sleep deprivation in some students and young people also. People who really play for a long time may be at higher risks of sleep deprivation and disorders, including obesity and less metabolic health. Seriously, gaming before bed is entirely associated with poor sleep.

You will never feel like sleeping because the game is not over yet and sitting for a long time looking at the screen will definitely make it hard to get sleep even if you decide to go to bed.

3. Losing personal relationships :


The PUBG addiction will definitely lead to poor relations between family and friends. Spending time online and not with people will definitely be a disappointment to the people around you. Giving so much attention to the game may cause you to lose relationships around you slowly.

4. Slowed brain activity :


Recently in Pune, a man suffered from brain stroke while playing PUBG and he died. A 24 years old man suffering from brain stroke while playing PUBG died in Pune. He died while undergoing the treatment, said Dehu Police station officially.

The stroke has actually occurred because the victim was so excited and stressed while playing the game, and there was incredible bleeding within the brain tissues, is also called as necrosis. It was the cause of death.

5. Less academic performance :

Team of Professional eSport Gamers Playing in Competitive MMORPG/ Strategy Video Game on a Cyber Games Tournament. They Talk to Each other into Microphones. Arena Looks Cool with Neon Lights.

In the last few years, various reports have been submitted on PUBG. Many schools and universities and even the government needed banning PUBG. PUBG really brings violence in people. Students are entirely focused on playing this game for several hours and altogether, not paying attention to their studies or any other important task for their well being. The kills and the blood in this game are negatively affecting the minds of children and young adults.

Many parents and institutions have claimed that children and students tend to focus on the game instead of studies, and it is really affecting their education.

Here are some tips for dealing with PUBG gaming addiction :

  • Set up a time limit for Gameplay and follow it: This will really help to overcome gaming addiction and will definitely manage your gaming time.
  • Spend some time with family and friends and make sure you spend some time with nature too.
  • Keep your gaming consoles away from you at night so that you will not play before the bed.
  • Doing some activities instead of gaming: You can exercise to relax, and definitely, it will reduce the health risks.

Gaming online too much can really make you miss out of so many things in your life, and sometimes it can really mess up your metabolism. Remember, when you losing a game, it’s just a game, not your life. Just don’t take stress on it !..


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