Thank You Coronawarriors

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Who Are The Coronavirus Helpers?


There are 17 million people who work in healthcare .
During this pandemic , these selfless individuals, along with other essential workers, are putting themselves on the line to save other people’s lives and improve the overall health of community members.

Some of these groups of people include but are not limited to health care professionals, researchers, volunteers, teachers, workers of restaurants and supermarkets, and sanitation workers.

Health care professionals (doctors, nurses, PAs) are giving immediate care to those who are ill, providing life support, and putting themselves at risk for contracting COVID-19. They are tirelessly working for people.

  • Researchers are working to come up with a vaccine and possible therapies to treat patients with COVID-19 .

  • Volunteers are giving blood, donating supplies, making masks, and doing online work to support health care workers during this pandemic.
  • Grocery store workers are also putting themselves at risk by going to work to make sure that their communities have food. They have to sanitize grocery stores to make sure that they are lowering the chance of infection among community members .
  • Teachers have quickly transformed their classrooms to be online, ensuring that they are still providing effective teaching and support for their students.

Three Ways You Can Help Coronavirus Healthcare Workers:

1. The World Health Organization (WHO): would be grateful for any monetary donations to support their patient care, funding of supplies and research on possible vaccines as well as treatments.


Here are some of the developments that WHO was able to make because of
generous donations: bought and shipped PPE to over 133 countries, created technical guidance documents for the public, supplied 1.5 million diagnostic kits, and helped to research for treatment.

2. The Salvation Army: relied on generous monetary donations from its supporting communities in order to continue providing support during this time. Since many families are facing job loss, reduced hours, and other financial challenges, donations are needed to provide adequate emergency assistance to members of this population.


Over 23 million individuals living in poverty rely on The Salvation Army’s support annually, and donations will be going towards efforts to slow the spread of the virus within this population.

3. The National Foundation for Cancer Research: relies on small to medium donations to fund cancer research around the country as well as helping underserved communities access healthcare – an often overlooked population amidst the Coronavrius pandemic.


How To Support Coronavirus Helpers:

According to the University of Washington, the Coronavirus virus pandemic could end one to two months after the peak date, sometime in mid-April. This means we could expect the current situation to last until late May or Early June.

With that being said, 30-45 days is a very long time for those who are working on the frontline. While most of us are still in quarantine, there are things we could do at the individual level to help:

  1. Make a list of friends and family who work in the healthcare frontline.
  2. Say thank to them personally.
  3. Ask if they need any support with shopping for groceries.
  4. Offer to help with watching their pets.

New York City hospitals and clinics are accepting the following items for donation:

  1. Ventilators .
  2. Disposable latex-free gloves, all sizes .
  3. Indirectly-vented goggles, any size.
  4. Face masks (must be labeled as surgical, isolation, dental, or medical procedure masks)
  5. Hand Sanitizer.
  6. Thermometers.
  7. Surgical N95 respirators.
  8. N95 Respirators.
  9. N99/N100 Respirators.
  10. P95/P99/P100 Respirators.

Armed Forces Make Lots of Preparations To Say “Thank You” To Our “Corona Warriors”On 3 May 2020 (Sunday):

The armed forces have made arrangements to conduct aerial fly-pasts, light up ships at sea and shower flower petals on several hospitals across the country on may to express gratitude to the lakhs of doctors,sanitation staff and other front-line workers engaged in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The armed force cover major towns from Srinagar to Thiruvananthapuram and Dibrugarh to Kutch. Helicopters and Indian Navy fly over the hospitals .


Army Spokesperson Col Aman Anand said that Indian Coast Guard ships will be seen at 24 places are :
Porbandar,Sagar Island, Port Blair, Diglipur, Murud, Goa, New Mangalaore,
Kavarati, Karaikal,,Krishnapatnam, Nizamapatanam, Puducherry, Kakinada, Paradip, Mayabundur, Hut bay and Campbel Bay,Okha, Ratnagiri, Dahanu, Chennai,

The thanks-giving activities will start at the police memorial in Delhi and in other cities on 3 may morning to honour the police personnel deployed in enforcement of the nationwide lockdown.


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