Top 10 Hindi Songs Must Listen During Quarantine

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During coronavirus outbreak, everyone is suggested to practice self-quarantine. The outbreak has led many countries to impose lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of Coronavirus and everyone is requested to adopt social distancing and self-isolation. In this difficult time, celebrities are also encouraging their fans and followers to stay home and stay safe during the lockdown.

The quarantine might also lead to mental stress and anxiety issues for many people. It is essential for everyone to stay relaxed and stress-free during this time. In order to keep you entertained and motivated, here are some of the best hindi songs you must have to listen during this quarantine.

1. Kar Har Maidaan Fateh (Sanju):


All you need this song to reaffirm your faith in yourself to overcome any obstacle that comes in your way. And amidst the coronavirus outbreak, there’s no better song to listen to than this.

2. Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda (Anjaana Anjaani):


Amidst the chaos of the coronavirus outbreak if you ever feel lost, simply listen to this song to remind yourself that God is with you.

3. Ek Jindari Meri (Hindi Medium):


Bollywood has produced motivational songs to keep us going in difficult
times. And these were a few to refuel your heart with hope and courage whenever you need it.

4. Pataka Guddi (Highway):


To travel without fear, fear of deadlines, works, relationship anxieties, everything, drop everything for a moment to tell yourself that the universe is taking care of you. Play this track, take a deep breath and meditate at mountains the millennia style.

5. Dooriyan (Love Aaj Kal):


This songs for those who travel alone on the surface but carry a home within. Be it in any form- a person, a memory that is stubborn to never leave, an aspiration that breathes in you. This is more than just a romantic song.


6. Ik Junoon (Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara):


When you listen this song you want to dance on with your friends. It reminds you what it means to have friends, to fall in love and most importantly never ever lose hope in life.

7. Ve Maahi (Kesari):


Arijit Singh’s voice is behind this song so it had to be a love song plus undoubtedly a girl’s favorite! Kesari movie had lovely songs but this became very famous song considering the flow of what love meant between the actors.

8. Bekhayali (Kabir Singh):


This song is recently got very popular, especially among the teenagers because it gave out a very relatable vibe for the teenagers and their lives. This song is very genuine romantic song which takes into consideration how lost one can be in love.

9. Apna Time Ayega (Gully Boy):


This super energetic track talks about a bright future for those who have the will and determination to achieve their goals.

10. Jai Ho ( Slumdog Millionaire):


This is motivational song by A.R. Rahman to keep you going and give you
the power to defeat the coronavirus disease.

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