Top 10 Jobs With a Good Salary for Women In India

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Women empowerment has brought up a sense of financial independent & made ladies of today’s world inclined towards earning for themselves or holding their expenses. This is women’s economic empowerment. Girls love doing a job to earn their daily bread themselves, and this is why women participation in the workforce has seen an incredible increase. There is no longer such a thing as ‘female jobs’ or a ‘ladies job.’

Top 10 Jobs With a Good Salary for Women In India

Women in India are making a mark for themselves in the workplace, even in male-dominated jobs and non-traditional jobs for females. In this article, we have mentioned some of the great options or fields for women where they feel secure and work well and became economically independent.

1. Teacher


Teaching is considered to be the most promising & reputable job. Teaching is most favorite job if young girls also plan to go in the teaching line. The reason behind this is the facilities available in this job, first of all, there are many levels to become a teacher, & you can apply for the job which based on your qualifications. The teaching line has many levels like Primary, TGT, PGT, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor but these require different qualifications.

For example if  you want to teach at primary level, it is necessary that you must pass the B.Ed, BTC, or NTT exam, and  for government vacancies, selection in these courses, & based on the rest of your education is done on merit or else you will get entry through the tests.

2. Air hostess

Air hostess

Air hostess is one of the best jobs in aviation industry. Air hostess job is also a promising career for girls, especially for those who have attractive personality, good command over the language. Air hostess job for them might be a great option for her. For this course you can take admission in the training institute and then apply for a job in airlines.

3. Lawyer


Lawyer is also a good career option for women. A good job in law comes with a sizeable paycheck & can change the shape of society. Lawyers & judges are very important because they play a major role in ensuring the country’s headed in the right direction and justice prevails. Considering the fact that there have been proud female lawyers, such as Rebecca John, who have played a significant role in the legal landscape of the country, more women should consider joining the field.

4. Public Relations & Advertising

Public Relations and Advertising

Public relations  is one of the best career options for girls who have good  command on their communication skills. If you have good communication skills in your personality, then you can make career in Public relation (PR). Advertising is a creative field which covers the entire lot from Ed’s concept, thorough research, scripting, market launch direction. Today every business & service wants to bring its product to the consumer, & want to increase their sales, want to make it famous. Now, the advertising industry is not limited to print, TV, or radio.

5. Nursing


Nursing is the right field for women who want to pursue a career in the medical field or working hours in this profession are almost fixed. In many hospitals, you may have seen nurse jobs for women. The nurse may be one of both men & women, since the last few years, the profession of nursing in India is associated with women, so even today the nursing course is quite ordinary among women. Generally, nursing is in demand. The medical profession also gives women more stability & employment opportunities.

6. Government Jobs

Government Jobs

Government jobs has the the advantage of stability, security & safety. While it is true for both men & women, government jobs is the most desired choice in India. For many Indian women, jobs for women in Indian army can support their goal of becoming an equal earner, allowing them to follow their passion & earning  equal respect in society. Government jobs is much better as compared to private jobs.

7. Beauty & Cosmetics Jobs

Beauty & Cosmetics Jobs

India is the 2nd largest consumer of cosmetic products in the world. All these products are in high demand among women. Setting up a beauty parlor is one of the best jobs for females in India to offer beauty services, or spa administrations can pay you liberally, and you can provide a wide scope of administrations.  Due to COVID-19 many beauty parlors close down, but you can still offer your clients a safe salon-at-home experience through a salon-at-home app. There are many successful Indian women entrepreneurs in the field of beauty and cosmetics are Vandana Luthra & Shahnaz Husain.

8. Human Resource (HR)

Human Resource (HR)

Human Resource Officer is the best career path for women. It requires communication & interpersonal skills. It provides numerous placement options as one of the most important aspects of all organizations. Human resource (HR) can be a career that fulfills emotionally & financially. HR managers are responsible for creating & assembling new-hire packets. The paperwork addresses issues like compensation, eligibility to work in the U.S., tax withholding, company policies, termination conditions, & bank information for direct deposit.

9. Banking & Insurance Jobs

Banking & Insurance Jobs

Working in a bank is also considered a respectable ladies job & offers promising career growth. Not only banking, insurance also a booming sector of the Indian economy, but it is also well regulated and very well-capitalized, making the economic conditions in the country highly helpful for the growth of banking and insurance jobs in India. Jobs like clerks in banks offer a good salary, but the most attractive aspect of banking jobs is the stability & career progression.

10. Fashion & Design

Fashion & Design

The glamor industry has always been a strong presence of women. Fashion & Design industry is well excelling with each passing day & giving millions of jobs to women. This is the most relevant field for you if you have a creative mind or your heart lies in the Fashion world. In this industry, you can gain by your customer’s inherent need to look great & influence their longing to possess the trendiest garments. You can buy garments in mass & retail them at a benefit.

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