Top 10 Marketing Tips & Tricks To Get More Customers

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Top 10 Marketing Tips & Tricks To Get More Customers

A marketing is a critical component for the company’s long-term success & it’s always changing. Effective marketers well know how to use the techniques to connect & convert prospects but the greatest marketers of all time laid the foundation for the strategies & successes of marketers today.

If you’re looking for your next campaign inspiration or interested in a brief history of marketing, take a look On Top 10 Marketing Tips & Tricks to get more customers.

1. Blog


A blog is one of the best strategy. It is used by those who want to attract more customers in an organic manner online & to deliver educational content. When you have a blog you can write posts that answer different questions from the most basic to the most technical & that show specific solutions for your audience.

2. Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a great channel to communicate with the public, mainly because today everyone on social media. For marketing strategy, what you need to do is understand where your persona is -Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Snapchat? You’re likely have to carry out marketing actions on more than one social network, but be careful not to push yourself too hard! Where your audience is not.  This is actually a wastage of time. But remember that your social networks also need to provide content that adds value to users. So don’t only advertise your brand all the time.

3. Radio, TV, Internet & Newspaper

Internet Mass media Newspapers (tabloids) Radio

Just like OOH (Out Of House) digital media, advertising in mass media & print media depends a lot on your type of business & the communication channels your audience uses the most. This type of marketing strategy usually requires a big investment.

4. SEO


There is no point in having a blog with lots of interesting content for your audience if your posts can’t reach them. This is why you need to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques in your posts, so that your page appears on the top places of search engines like Google. Work on your keywords, test titles that catch the attention of users, write full content & really educate your audience. The important thing is to optimize your all posts so that people can reach your content whenever they search for a term related to your niche.

5. E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Most of people still have the idea that email is no longer a good marketing strategy; after all, many users don’t even bother to read any messages forwarded to them. But that’s not what happens, especially when your emails have interesting content for people.

Like create a newsletter and send important information through email to encourage people to share their email address with you. Another option is sending valuable free resources like eBooks. This is a way of maintaining communication with your potential customers through email & also to keep them engaged with your brand.

6. Podcasting


Creating visual content for business is not only option with great potential. Statistics show that Podcasts have attracted more customers across the world. One of the reasons for the growth of podcasting is very simple: people consume content in different ways & audio content allows them to carry out other activities while listening to podcasts. Again, it is important to understand if this type of content is appreciated by your target audience before really investing in this strategy.

7. Events


If your business is physical or online, creating events to interact with your market is also a great way to advertise your brand. These events can be small for a company with which you want to create a partnership, or even larger, open events for the public. In order to attract more customers & educate your audience in person. So it’s interesting that you create events so that people get to know & even get to see you. If you can’t create your own events, try to at least participate in the main ones in your area. That way, you can work on your networking skills & meet not only potential online customers.

8. Big Data

Big Data

Using Big Data as a marketing strategy can be useful not only to attract new customers but to build customer loyalty. It allows you to analyze & monitor social media to understand what people are saying about your brand. You can find out if the comments are mostly positive or negative and make the necessary adjustments if need be. You can also observe trends, behavioral patterns or more. A good example of making the most of this kind of information is adding a product your audience is asking for changing an existing product to make it appeal more to your customers. 

9. Video Channel

Video Channel

Do you know that over 40% of people prefer to consume content in video format? That’s why platforms such as YouTube have grown so much in recent years & are being used by many industries, whether they’re online or not. The truth is that when you create videos, you can transmit valuable information to your audience & they can easily access it. Then, why you not use videos to advertise your products & services and attract more potential clients? Apart from YouTube, there are many other forms of monetizing with videos & you can understand this better by reading.

10. Sponsored Links

Sponsored Links

Sponsored links are ads linked on other pages, usually related to your business, for which you pay to be promoted. The purpose of these links is that other people searching for topics which is similar to yours but still don’t know your product or service, can find you on other blogs, social networks & websites in general that they follow.

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