Top 10 Money Making Apps In India

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Top 10 Money Making Apps In India2

If you think that mobiles are only used for calling & using the internet, then you are wrong because there are many several applications allow you to earn money, cashback,& rewards. Apps that help you to earn money from home can broadly serve 2 objectives. The first category contains apps that can help you start earning money. Companies today need people to complete surveys, play their games & provide valuable data to build their products. The second category involves your efficiency & productivity. Due to this pandemic all thing goes online and hence you can make money online. The best money making apps for Android offer home based part time jobs that are perfect for those who want to earn money but do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer. All you need to do is just spend a few hours in day to earn money online with these online money-making apps in India. Here are list of Top 10 money making apps in India:

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is one of the best money earning apps in India. Google has a foot in every digital door. No wonder they’re almost universal nowadays! To earn money with this app created by the Google Surveys team, just register & you’ll get a notification on your phone when a short and relevant survey is ready for you. Answer the quick surveys & earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards. Because it is owned by Google, these are many ways to earn extra cash and this is one opportunity where you can earn money on app, without any investment!

2. Meesho


Meesho app is recently trending in India as a hassle-free. It is also  flexible option for those who want to start their own business. It is the favorite work from home option for many Indian women as they need not worry about having a physical shop or investing capital. It is not just for stay at home, In fact, a lot of resellers using this platforms for full-time but are looking for a side-hustle app to earn a side income or are interested in learning how business is conducted without the need to invest money.

3. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan application is known as the best app for earning money. The app is offering its services to 10 million users & to earn money from the app you just have to play games, share articles, & read the news. This is one of the leading money earning apps in India where you can use to earn money easily without making any investment. Now start install this useful app on your device  & start earning daily, also share the app with your friends and let them avail a chance to earn through Roz Dhan.

4. Loco


Just similar to the Roz Dhan app, the Loco app enables the users to earn money. This application is completely free & allow the users to play games in many languages, such as Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, & Tamil. Apart from this, it offers you questions that users have to answers to earn the cash on the Paytm wallet. Loco offers you games like Ghatak, IND Snax, Xyaa, Jonathan, or many more.

5. Dream 11

Dream 11

This app is become very popular because it’s based on a cricket fantasy league! Signing up is free & referring your friends earns you guaranteed money. Of course, you could try your hand & play this game to win big! It requires some planning & execution to nail, but it’s definitely doable! Ready to play & earn? So, let’s install this app and start earning.

6. PhonePe


PhonePe is a digital wallet online payment app. Launch by Flipkart, it offers cashback deals on specific payments. Signing up requires a UPI ID, so there is no security issue. As with other UPI apps, you also get cash rewards with referrals. It is available in 11 languages & allows you to pay all bills, shopping, gold, pay for rides, book flight tickets, and more. The app allows you to get Rs.100 cashback to new users.

7. EarnKaro


India’s largest cashback  or coupons site, EarnKaro is India’s first Social Cashback app where you can earn money from home by sharing deals with your friends & family. You can easily turn ecommerce links into EarnKaro links & share them on your social channels. Influencers can create their own custom product link to share so a lot of influencers are using EarnKaro to monetize their product recommendations & networks. The best part of this app is that your profit can be transferred to your bank account, which makes it an easy way for students, housewives  & online resellers to earn money from the comfort  & safety of home.

8. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is leading in terms of transferring money immediately. It is a digital wallet platform, allow the users to make payments. It is available on both platforms such as Android & iOS. There is a separate rewards section in the app, with the coupons being refreshed every now & then. Some are guaranteed rewards, like referrals. It is also a reliable money-making app in India.

9. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is one of the fastest ways to get the earned cashback after each payment & if a user is new, then he or she can get Rs.75 in the Amazon Pay account. To get this offer, firstly you need to install the app & click on UPI ID. Then, you have to register your mobile number & after that, you are allowed to transfer the money to your friend and you’ll receive the cashback.

10. mCent


This is another favourite  app among the Indian mobile users. mCent also helps you earn free mobile recharges through a separate set of tasks. If you use their affiliate links or download particular apps, then you get money. This money can be wired to your Paytm account. You can also win money by inviting your friends to the app. mCent works on Android & iOS.

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