Top 20 business ideas that can help you make money at home

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Coronavirus Lockdown has taught us that the practice of social distancing is likely to increase in the future as people will largely order things online than go to the market to purchase things by going out in person. Amid imposed lockdown period, work from home and home-run businesses are expected to grow rapidly.

There is no doubt that making and selling goods from home is a great way to earn money. At the same time, sitting at home, you can convert any of your hobbies and passions into a successful business. In such times, if you are still making up the mind about a home-run business for full time
or part-time, we are sharing 20 business ideas with you :

1. Blogging :


When it comes to blogging and content writing jobs, many people think that it is impossible to earn with a blog. However, the reality is that blogging needs serious dedication, proper grammar. Blogging also requires marketing skills. The key to rising and earn as a blogger lies in the depth of content and its uniqueness. After COVID 19, many people will move towards efficient ways to earn, and in the process, they will inevitably encounter the blogging way.

It takes consistency also and patience to start a good earning. An average blogger earns approx 20,000 INR monthly; however, when it comes to famous bloggers considered as celebrities, the earning are limitless.

2. Handbags :


The fashion of handbags can never go away. You can experiment with different materials and designs. You can also make stylish and decorative handbags, which are always in demand.

3. Painting and Drawing :


If you are a talented painter, you can sell your masterpieces for decoration. These artifacts can be printed and sold by making many copies. The underlined pictures are also in great demand.

4. Online education :


Online education is being considered as the future of learning. Some available startups and businesses offer online education and certification also. Some universities and colleges have also started online courses like Berklee, Amity, Harvard and many others. There are some private companies and firm that offer certificate courses of short term nature like Udemy, Upgrade, Unacademy and many more.

After COVID 19, students will get attracted to universities and educational organisations offering online education and certifications due to many reasons. One such reason lies in the costing. Campus classes require expensive equipment, infrastructure, electricity expense, faculty’s monthly payment expense and many more can be added.

5. Homemade clothes :


If you can stitch clothes by using sewing machine and you have some basic understanding about fashion, then this business can work for you.

6. Dropshipping :


It is a business where you are able to sell merchandise to your customer without holding any inventory. The customer purchases an item from your store at retail price. Then you can forward the order to your supplier, which you pay the wholesale price.

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7. Tech Accessories :


As we are becoming dependent on technology, the demand for smartphone accessories such as mobile cover has seen a surge. We can earn good money by making and selling these customized tech accessories from home.

8. Software firm :


With the rise in online shopping as expected due to the safer aspect and health, cautions will give a boost to software development firms. The field of online shopping and such startups need Softwares for windows, android, ios and many other commonly used operating systems and devices.

After the COVID-19 , such businesses will be in demand. There is a need for
experimentation and discovering new formats and ways to deliver services in which software firms will be utilised much. Even in security-related technical robots and other services can be upgraded and will need the software companies to help them out.

9. Graphic Design :


If you are a graphic design expert, you can make products with different types of graphic design at home. You can get a good amount of freelance work at home.

10. Gaming firms :


Gaming has not being considered as a career in India. However, the reality is the opposite. Gaming companies have tremendous growth opportunities. The firms create and build up the games not only for kids these days but also for youth and every age group. After the COVID 19, such companies will get a boost as several platforms offer to earn by playing games too.

The expenses are less, and the profits are more here in the gaming industry and everyone like the games from their childhood days. These days, gadgets, hardware, console as well as gaming portals are being created, and gaming firms earn handsomely. Even in India, people are now getting used to of it as a part of the entertainment anywhere on mobile even and for earnings also.

11. Kitchen Accessories :


Kitchen accessories are never out of fashion. Many kitchen items can be made from homes, such as fruit-vegetable baskets, spoons and utensil stands.

12. Photography :


It is not difficult to set up a photography studio at home. So if you are a talented photographer, home studios can be a great business. All you need is porta light, tripod, chroma, and a DSLR.

13. Carved items :


Wood carved items can also be made from home. They are quite often used for decoration. At the same time, many useful items can also be made from them.

14. Cookies :


If you like making cookies and your baking skills are good, then you can make delicious cookies at home. It is also easy to sell it in the local market.

15. Ornaments :


Ornaments are in great demand. If you like designing and making jewelry, then this is a good business for you which can be easily done from home.

16. Customized Cups :


Nowadays, there is a great demand for customized cups. It is often given to loved ones during birthdays or several important occasions.
It can be easily made and sold at home.

17. Hair decoration accessories :


There is also a huge demand for hair accessories. You can easily make hairbands, hairpins, clips, snug pins at home.
Then they can be sold online or at any craft fair, etc.

18. Event Planner :


Individuals holding experience in event planning through their volunteering experience or even if you have an active organization and communication skills, you can try your luck at event planning.

19. YouTube :


Start your own YouTube channel in your niche, be it fashion, vlogging, travel, tech, etc. and to start earning higher rewards with the ads as the views rise.

20. Web desiging :


Web designing is one field that has seen a rising demand since the start of the internet and has a high demand for employment of talents. Want to create your website at nominal prices for your business click here.

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