Top 5 Careers to Pursue in 2021 after COVID- 19

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Top 5 Careers to Pursue in 2021 after COVID- 19

2021 is not only the beginning of a new decade, but it is also a fresh start after the pandemic. There are many lot of things have changed. Experts believe that the pandemic has permanently  change our traditional way of life. During the pandemic, we have witnessed a massive loss of jobs & livelihood, wage cut, shutting down of factories and manufacturing hubs, unprecedented fall in the share market. The economic condition of India, as well as most other nations, is gloomy, the silver lining is our economy is recovering rapidly. Many new sectors are coming to replace the traditional sector. Some particular sectors will witness a boom in the near future. In today’s article, we will discuss about top5 careers to pursue after COVID which will help you land a job. Also read 10 Ways to Make Money Online.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or online marketing is the fastest growing industry. It is a basic requirement of a business to attract lead or to form a brand presence. India is the 2nd largest online internet market in the world. The demands for digital marketing is increasing day by day. Digital marketing ensures that the leads generated meet the firmographic requirements necessary to elicit a sales call.

2. Medical Science

Medical Science

This pandemic has changed our outlook  about health. People are taking about their health more seriously than before. The Government Budget 2021-22 has also give out a huge sum for the health sector. It is a 137% increase from last year’s budget. The health sector will witness opening up of many new avenues, & the doctors and nurses might receive a pay hike in the next pay commission. Medical Science has gained tremendous popularity among science students of +2, and it will keep on being so. The recent pandemic & health crisis has amplified the importance of doctors & health care sector.

3. Programming


Yes! Programming & Coding is the future. India has taken up rapid digitalization under its Digital India project. Developing new applications & software to make life easier will definitely get you a great job. Apart from this, the need for regular updating, bug fixing etc. requires a pool of coders in all the companies. There are many new platforms are coming up to offer MOOC courses on coding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many online platforms got quite popular that is dedicated to teaching coding. If you are good with Python, C, C++ or any other popular language(s), then you can take up any of these platforms to teach coding.

4. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

If you are expert in a particular subject, you can earn by tutoring people online. Online tutoring provides a means to connect online with students, across the country to provide homework help and tutoring in the subjects for which you have demonstrated expertise . Most platforms follow this process- they ask you to apply by filling a simple form, after which a teaching demo you have to given their experts. It’s interesting and self-learning for tutors. Online educating is one of the finest method of tutoring online, practical background or networked setting in which tutors or students are divided by space & time. While watching videos or even live online video for the help of students to understand better. The travel time is zero & no expense is costed in travelling. Internet usage has far-reaching benefits & one of them is access to affordable & convenient education.

5. Yoga & Fitness


Increased awareness among the people about the value of fitness, yoga, & gym training has caught a lot of attention lately. Today people are ready to pay thousands of rupees per session for a good coach. If you are a fitness freak & have some coaching experience (or even without experience), you can earn sufficiently by providing training to people. The fitness industry is rapidly growing and is vastly popular among young people. Use this opportunity to build your career.

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