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What do PPC services include?

I provide complete PPC solutions including setting up your account, strategy development, bid optimization, keyword research, performance analysis, creating remarketing strategies, and testing new tools, etc.

Which social media accounts do you manage?

The platforms I work for are - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

How can you improve our visibility on Social media?

I perform in-depth research to know your target audience and competitors, help you build healthy relations with your potential buyers by conducting specialized online programs, build engagement strategies for digital campaigns, and monitor performances via specialized tools.

Do we need to give our social media account access?

Yes, in order to get our job done, we need access to your social media accounts. I have been in the industry with a commendable history of serving clients worldwide I assure adherence to your privacy while working with you.

How can we track work performance?

You will have all the performance details at your fingertips. We will give you access to the performance dashboard, which you can access anytime. A weekly report will also be sent to your email.

How long should we wait to see the results?

The noteworthy difference in your business performance than before is guaranteed. It's unrealistic to assure you of an exact time frame, as it depends on your previous performance history as well.

What are your strategies for content marketing?

Content creation is the key to developing an excellent online presence. I post fresh and quality content to gain and sustain the audience's interest and spread across all online platforms for maximized reach. For higher engagement, I always prefer serving variety to the audience by displaying content in diverse forms including infographics, memes, eBooks, etc.

Can you guarantee SEO results?

Through our expert SEO techniques, the continual growth of your business is guaranteed.

How to get started with you?

You can request a callback by leaving your query in our chat box. Or can also email us at ___________. My team will promptly respond to your query.