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    Are you aware that this year, one in four real estate professionals and brokers want to increase their digital marketing budget? It’s time to invest in digital marketing services for real estate companies like yours that produce results in order to stay ahead of the competition. Realtors want to know how to spend their online marketing tactics & tools to generate more leads, since the real estate industry faces intense competition in the digital sphere.


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    Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency


    One of the industries that is growing and offering businesses chances worth billions of dollars annually is real estate. People’s desire for real estate never goes away, regardless of how quickly or slowly the economy is expanding. In addition to using the property for additional homes, businesses, etc., they also need to purchase it as an investment. Industry estimates place the sector’s annual growth rate at over 3%, which may be considered a very strong growth rate.

    There is a high amount of competition in the market and there is only one way to go ahead in the segment. If you are struggling to make leads in the real estate sector, you are at the right place.  we are the one of the reputed real estate digital marketing companies in India. We offer end-to-end digital solutions specific to your business that will enhance customer engagement and better business prospects.

    To go ahead in the completion, you must seriously start thinking about digital marketing services. It builds brand awareness as well as widens your reach and brings more eyeballs to your business.


    Highly Competitive Market

    With a need to differentiate real estate projects right from the start.

    Lack Of Profitability

    The promotion expense on traditional marketing methods are one of the biggest concerns of realtors

    Highly Volatile Market

    The real estate industry is highly volatile in nature. Getting consistent conversion is a challenging task.

    Industry Reputation

    The reputation of Builder & Realtors are the key factors which Working around customers'instinctive apprehension to purchase


    Many real estate agents and brokers lose a great deal of business potential because they do not give digital marketing the credit it deserves. With digital marketing, your company stands out from the competition. Now is the ideal moment to establish a digital presence for any real estate-related business, be it a building company, real estate agent, or something else entirely.

    real estate digital marketing
    real estate digital marketing


    The days of going from shop to shop or knocking on doors in search of a property are long gone. In the modern era, people will just sit down in front of their digital device—which may be a smartphone—and start looking up information. The necessary information will be available on the internet in a moment. When people realize they can obtain superior information with the use of digital devices, nobody wants to waste time asking friends or their next-door neighbor for information. After obtaining a website from us, if you are online, the search engine will showcase your company to users, offering you several advantages.

    real estate digital marketing


    It has been demonstrated that viewers pay closer attention to audiovisual content. We will create mobile and video marketing strategies for you when you hire Prashantji Services. For your company, we will produce original and captivating content for all the main social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and more. Videos also enhance conversion rates. Investing money in something like that is a wise choice as opposed to spending it. The experts emphasize that a website's conversion rate can reach up to 80% when it chooses to use a video landing page. Search engines are always on the lookout for user-friendly and captivating content.

    Real Estate Digital Marketing Services


    It is important to maintain an online reputation. There are thousands of websites that provide reviews for a particular business. Even if you are not present online, anyone can go to Google and can review your business. Under digital marketing strategies, the experts work on removing the negative reviews as well as increasing the positive reviews. Some positive reviews can establish the trust of customers whereas negative reviews will break the trust. In the real estate sector, trust is an essential part of the business. No one will invest their hard-earned money when they do not have trust in your business. With digital marketing services for real estate, you can gain the trust of people.

    Real Estate Digital Marketing Services


    With the help of digital marketing strategies like Pay per click (PPC), it is very easy to get performance tracks. If you have websites, you get a good idea about how many people are visiting the websites. With the help of social media pages, you reach a large audience. The pages provide real-time feedback on your offering and you get better ways to improve in case people do not like the service. You can make improvements in your business based on the feedback. Furthermore, taking decisions also becomes easier when you have handy information about your business performance.

    Real Estate Digital marketing


    No matter where are you sitting, you can take your real estate business anywhere in the world. A potential customer will search for the services and the search engine will present your website address to them. Digital marketing gives you the option to target and reaches an audience beyond your locality with just a click. Run paid ads for any particular location and you can attract customers for your real estate business.

    Real Estate Digital marketing


    When you choose digital marketing for your real estate business, you become paperless. You save the cost that goes on spending for the purchase of paper. Reporting becomes easier too. There are multiple opportunities to get creative with digital marketing. For example, Instagram offers a function that is called “Ask me about anything”. That function offers a great way to receive feedback from customers about anything, you wanted to know with respect to your real estate business.

    real estate digital marketing


    Prashantji Services is dedicated Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency specialized in responsive web design & development, seo, ppc and social media management.
    Prashantji Services have worked with over 50 realtor estate businesses ranging from small independent realtor to big construction groups world wide. We have team of 10 professionals with over 5.5 years of real estate digital marketing experience in providing successful Digital Marketing Services to grow their business.


    real estate digital marketing

    Real Estate Website Design & Development​

    We have a team of professionals that comprises web developers, web designers, content writers, graphics designers, SEO experts, and more. They work as a team to provide a responsive website for your business. We are the number one website development company in India and provide all types of websites. Based on your requirement, and preference, you can contact our team for web development. The recent studies suggest that over 40% of the real estate website user comes from mobile, so you can also contact us for development of mobile-friendly websites.

    real estate digital marketing

    Email Marketing For Real Estate Business​

    Emails are one of the most effective and convenient ways to target your potential as well as existing customers. We will send bulk emails with engaging content and compelling graphics to your existing customer detailing new offers or any other information you wanted to share.  We are the one of the top-notch players in the segment of email marketing and we promise to provide guaranteed results with e-mail marketing. It will feel good to know that, more than 86 percent of consumers prefer to receive emails as compared to the call or message. We take up email marketing campaigns for your real estate business.

    real estate digital marketing

    Real Estate Pay Per Click Marketing​

    We offer PPC (Google Ads) advertising specially focused on the real estate sector. We will use the PPC Search Engine Marketing platform for directly targeting the potential customers and generate leads for your real estate business. It is fast and very cost-effective way of gaining great benefits. You do not get charged until someone clicks on your ads.

    real estate digital marketing

    Content Marketing​

    We provide unique, engaging, readable, and relevant, and SEO-optimized content for your business. Content marketing is a vital player for a responsive real estate website. Our team will write and create all types of content for you such as Blogs, Articles, Social media posts, and infographics, and many more.

    real estate digital marketing

    Real Estate Social Media Marketing

    It’s time to differentiate your real estate brand from crowdy real estate market. Social Media platforms are one of the best tool to engage prospects and convert them into your customers. We provide all types of social media-related services for the real estate business. we are the biggest player in the social media marketing segment in India. We create your real estate business pages on all the major social media platforms. Provide best-in-class content for those pages and also run paid advertisements for our real estate clients to drive more leads.

    real estate digital marketing

    SEO Optimization

    Investment in SEO increases the visibility of your websites. It’s important to spend more time and effort in SEO than ever. We have an in-house team of SEO experts that take up all the related works on SEO. We at Prashantji Services helps you to generate a steady flow of quality leads & transform those leads to your customers with our Real Estate SEO services. Our team of real estate SEO experts will optimize your website with On-Page & Off-Page SEO factors. We know what works so you need not worry about your website’s ranking. We will target the right audience with the right keyword and drive more leads for your real estate business


    How long does it take for a website to start generating leads?

    A website alone cannot generate leads, but teamed with SEO strategy and a detailed content marketing strategy, your real estate website can start creating ROI within 1 month of going active.

    Can you support 360-degree videos on your websites?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of functionality on our websites and can support 4k images and 360-degree property videos.

    What is real estate digital marketing?

    Real estate digital marketing solutions are all about marketing your real estate business/brand to find targeted customers. Real estate digital marketing allows real estate agents, brokerage, and realtors to connect with potential clients through social media, search engines, websites, apps, and email.

    Do we need to give our social media account access?

    Yes, in order to get our job done, we need access to your social media accounts. I have been in the industry with a commendable history of serving clients worldwide I assure adherence to your privacy while working with you.

    How will my real estate business benefit through digital marketing services?

    Our digital marketing services for your real estate company will help you to provide value to your customers. We help you to find and attract more visitors to your real estate website by boosting your online presence on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our comprehensive range of digital marketing services including local SEO, PPC marketing, blogging, content writing, SEO marketing and more enable you to steer your business to the next level.

    Industries we serve

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