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If you write and frame sentences in various ways, whether it’s casual, formal, or fluent, you usually get tired. By using paraphrasing tools, people can write their content in a unique way without compromising the quality of the content and without causing plagiarism. There are various tools available on the internet today for paraphrasing sentences, each with different features that make it difficult to choose the right one for us.

Best Paraphrasing Tools 2024

We have shortlisted 10 Best Paraphrasing Tools that anyone can use, from a student to a working professional in 2024.

What are AI Paraphrasing Tools?

AI Paraphrasing is an online Artificial Intelligence Software Tool that helps people rephrase their texts by changing the wording or the format of their sentences. In essence, it analyzes the texts and converts them into another form by replacing original words with new ones.

AI Paraphrasing Tools: Factors To Consider

While selecting a paraphrasing tool, it is important to consider the following features:

  • Quality of the Content: The quality of content is an important factor for any blogger, and even after paraphrasing, the meaning should not be lost.
  • Grammar Check: Paraphrasing tools should strictly avoid any grammatical errors.
  • File Formatting: There are some paraphrasing tools that only accept text files, but a good tool should accept files in a variety of formats.
  • Plagiarism checker: Content must be unique and should not be duplicated.

Top 10 AI Paraphrasing Tools in 2024 (Both Free And Paid)

Paraphrasing Tools are majorly used by students, content writers, bloggers to make their task easy and also to save their time. Let us look at 10 AI Paraphrasing Tools and their features that are best suited for each category.

1. QuillBot

With QuillBot, students can rewrite their sentences in a variety of different forms, from basic to formal, as it is an AI Paraphrasing Tool. In addition to checking for plagiarism, QuillBot also allows you to frame your content in two modes for free. This app is best for writing essays, articles, letters, or research papers.


  • Used for Paraphrasing Texts easily.
  • Writes same sentences in variety of forms.
  • Helps people to translate their text easily in 30 different Languages.


QuillBot provides only two of its forms for free, to access others a subscription of $9.95/monthly is required.


2. Hypotenuse AI

A paraphrasing tool like Hypotenuse AI creates unique content based on a few keywords of the topic. Whether someone is writing a blog, article or essay, Hypotenuse provides high quality content at the shortest possible time and cost. The Hypotenuse syntax is widely used in technical research languages because it handles complex data and helps to provide corresponding information.


  • Used for Technical or complex content writing
  • Takes less time and efforts
  • Use complex algorithms to deal with technical languages.


Hypotenuse is a paid Paraphrasing Tool which provides 2 packages, first package is starter package at $24/month and another is growth package at $29/month.


3. Wordtune

This AI Paraphrasing tool is used for several purposes as it helps people rewrite their sentences and also gives them suggestions on how to improve their writing pattern. By pointing out their mistakes and checking for plagiarism, these tools help writers become more proficient writers. Wordtune helps writers improve their writing style by providing some clarity and making it fluent.


  • Help people by suggesting alternative contents.
  • Gives clarity in content tone
  • Use advanced algorithms to write various contents.


Wordtune is a paid Paraphrasing tool which costs $9.99/month.



In order to rewrite content, employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This platform is best for students for their academic writing by providing them with four different forms of writing that include professional, casual, formal, and humorous. Using this mode, students or any other writer can phrase their sentences in the most appropriate way.


  • Uses four different modes of writing
  • Provides Speech to text features
  • Helps to rephrase different types of languages.


Free package contains very few features, to use premium tools people need to get a subscription of $7/month.


5. Paraphrase Tool

With Paraphrase Tool, people can rephrase their sentences, articles, or essays in a variety of ways for free. By using artificial intelligence, this tool generates unique sentences in various forms while maintaining the real meaning of the content and ensuring that the writing is plagiarism-free.


  • Has a simple interface which takes less time for rephrasing sentences.
  • Uses artificial intelligence for choosing synonyms of the words.
  • Checks for plagiarism free content.


This tool is free of cost.


6. PrePostSEO

With PrePostSEO, you can rephrase texts, check grammar errors, and check plagiarism. In addition to rephrasing the texts, PrePostSEO also checks for plagiarism. It contains over 95 tools that provide efficient content. Using different file formats, such as doc, text, and pdf, PrePostSEO rephrases those files and produces a text output.


  • Uses Multiple Languages, so users can give input in any language.
  • Contains 95 tools and some of which are paraphrasing, grammar, image to text, etc.
  • Checks for plagiarism content.


PrePostSEO has a free version with limited number of features, to access all its features one needs to get a subscription at $9.99/month.


7. WordAI

With WordAI, you will be able to create a high quality text by reading line by line and rewriting each line using advanced algorithms to ensure plagiarism-free writing. WordAI is mostly used by professionals or bloggers to create efficient content that is unique.


  • Checks for plagiarism automatically
  • Rephrase each sentence line by line to ensure high quality content.
  • Supports multiple languages


WordAI offers a free trial with limited tools, for using all its features people need to pay $49.95/month.


8. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a unique Paraphrasing Tool that does not require an active internet connection to rewrite the contents. In addition to an inbuilt grammar checker and plagiarism checker, this tool offers various customized texts to ensure quality content. For efficient writing, content writers and bloggers use this tool as well.


  • Checks for Plagiarism content and grammar corrections.
  • Uses advanced algorithms for paraphrasing the texts.
  • Does not require an internet connection for rephrasing the texts.


Chimp Rewriter gives people a 14 days free trial, after that they need to get a subscription of around $15/month.


9. Jasper AI

With Jasper AI, you can write plagiarism free content on any topic in a long format of up to 1000 characters using artificial intelligence paraphrasing. In addition to writing content with artificial intelligence that highly represents human content, Jasper AI also allows users to rewrite alternative words, which saves them time.


  • Jasper AI contains 30+ languages allowing users to interact easily.
  • Used to rewrite sentences while keeping the original meaning intact.
  • Has built in Grammar or plagiarism checker tools.


Jasper AI provides a 7 day free trial with limited features, subscription cost around $49/month.


10. Grammarly

By using artificial intelligence, Grammarly identifies grammar errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, and rewrites the entire sentence without changing its meaning. In order to become better writers, organizations, students, and MNCs can choose the preferred audience, article mode, and tone of the article using this tool.


  • Simple and Easy-to-use.
  • Provides Cross Platform service, can be used in Mac, iOS, or Android.
  • People can use customized format and preferred audience of the article.


Grammarly has a Free version with limited amount of word phrasing or grammar levels, to access advanced features a subscription of $12/month is required.



In conclusion, AI paraphrasing tools have emerged as valuable assets for individuals ranging from students to professionals, enabling them to transform their content in a unique manner without compromising quality or risking plagiarism. The need for such tools arises from the challenge of constantly generating varied and engaging content without succumbing to the exhaustion of manual paraphrasing. The 10 paraphrasing tools mentioned in this blog cater to diverse needs, offering features such as language translation, technical content handling, grammar checks, and plagiarism detection.


Q1: What is AI Paraphrasing?

A1: AI Paraphrasing refers to the use of online Artificial Intelligence Software Tools that analyze and rephrase texts by changing the wording or structure of sentences. These tools leverage advanced algorithms to generate content in a new form while preserving the original meaning.

Q2: Why is the quality of content important even after paraphrasing?

A2: Maintaining the quality of content post-paraphrasing is crucial to ensure that the meaning remains intact and the information presented is accurate and coherent. Quality content is essential for effective communication and engagement with the audience.

Q3: What factors should be considered when selecting a paraphrasing tool?

A3: When choosing a paraphrasing tool, consider factors such as the quality of the content produced, grammar checking capabilities, file formatting options, and the presence of a plagiarism checker. These elements contribute to the overall effectiveness and reliability of the tool.

Q4: Are there free AI paraphrasing tools available?

A4: Yes, several AI paraphrasing tools offer free versions with basic features. However, advanced functionalities and additional tools may often require a subscription or payment.

Q5: How can AI paraphrasing tools benefit writers and content creators?

A5: AI paraphrasing tools provide writers and content creators with the ability to save time, generate diverse content, and improve writing proficiency. These tools offer suggestions, identify mistakes, and help in maintaining a consistent writing style.

Q6: Can AI paraphrasing tools handle technical or complex content?

A6: Yes, some AI paraphrasing tools, such as Hypotenuse AI and, are designed to handle technical or complex content. They use advanced algorithms to ensure the accurate representation of information in a comprehensible manner.

Q7: What is the pricing range for AI paraphrasing tools?

A7: The pricing for AI paraphrasing tools varies. Some tools offer free versions with limited features, while others require a monthly subscription, ranging from $7 to $49, depending on the tool and its capabilities.

Q8: Are there AI paraphrasing tools that do not require an internet connection?

A8: Yes, Chimp Rewriter is a unique tool that does not require an active internet connection for paraphrasing content. This feature can be advantageous for users in environments with limited or no internet access.

Q9: How does Grammarly differ from other AI paraphrasing tools?

A9: Grammarly, in addition to paraphrasing, focuses on identifying and correcting grammar errors, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable options, making it a comprehensive writing assistant for individuals, organizations, and students.

Q10: Can AI paraphrasing tools be used for different languages?

A10: Yes, several AI paraphrasing tools, such as Jasper AI and PrePostSEO, support multiple languages. Users can input content in various languages, making these tools versatile for a global user base.


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